Surviving The American Dream – What is CBD?

Have you ever stopped to think about what the american dream entails? It’s almost a myth at this point. Some kind of line that you’ll hear on movies and move on. It used to be a thing at one point though. People immigrated to the U.S. with the goal of achieving it. It seemed like a reachable thing. 

So what is it supposed to be anyways. Well as I mentioned before the concept has morphed into nothing, or everything, depending on your point of view. To some it’s making a comfortable, decent and honest living. To other, getting a house. To another group it is being able to live healthy and have a good life, attacking any health issue head on and preventing further ones. To yet another group, it’s retaining that house we spoke about.

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I guess it’s subjective at this point- a matter of opinion. If so, I’d like to write about what I think it represents for me. I consider myself to belong to the health group. I try to keep myself well kept and my health well maintained. It has been working for me so far. That said I’m not free of health issues. Just recently I discovered something known as cbd. From what I can gather it is great for pain management and as it turns that’s exactly what I have been looking for since an old injury came back to haunt me.

I guess that makes the whole thing sound a bit dramatic. Basically I have an injury from a few years ago that since then I getting flare ups of pain from. It can get pretty bad, sometimes I just can’t move all that much because of it, which is why I researched online for possible solutions. That’s when I came across cbd. On a site named trello I found a lot of insightful info on how it worked, which made me realize cbd is what I have been looking for. 

I’ve already set up an appointment with my doctor to see what he thinks about switching to cbd. Hopefully he agrees. The one thing I won’t accept is staying with what I’m using now, it hasn’t really been working out for me, at all.

How about you? What does the american dream represent to you? I’ll discuss your responses in my next post.