You can buy a house, but you have to make a home.




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I believe the idea ‘home’ is something we all agree is central to a happy, healthy life.  It is sanctuary, the nest for our families and the setting for a life’s memories.  However, that wonderful and vague idea is subject to a wide range of interpretation as to what that means and even more on how to achieve it. Unfortunately, when it comes down to shopping for a home, the vast majority of home buyers simply buy as nice of a house with as much money as they can possibly afford.

Forget the dream home.  Step back and think ‘Dream Life’.



Key Points

  • Make the distinction between ‘House’ and ‘Home’.
  • ‘Home’ is very personal, it doesn’t mean the same thing to all of us
  • You don’t buy homes, you create them.
  • Events and relationships make a house a home.
  • Consider buying less house and increasing financial options.
  • Forget ‘Dream Home’ and think ‘Dream Life’.

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